Vinci Construction

Switzerland - Tunnel of Mitholz


  • Richard FRANCIOLI: Chairman
  • Jean ROSSI: Chairman of VINCI Construction France
  • John STANION: Chairman of VINCI Construction UK
  • Renaud BENTEGEAT: Managing Director of CFE
  • Pierre BERGER: Chairman of VINCI Construction Grands Projets
  • Bruno DUPETY: Director and Chief Executive Officer of Solétanche Freyssinet
  • Jérôme STUBLER: Chief Executive Officer of Freyssinet
  • Dominique BOUVIER: Chief Executive Officer of Entrepose Contracting
  • Raoul DESSAIGNE: Director of VINCI Construction


    VINCI Construction - like VINCI Concessions, VINCI Energies and Eurovia - is one of the four divisions of VINCI, world leader in concessions, construction and related services.

    VINCI Construction brings together an unparalleled array of competencies in building, civil engineering, hydraulic engineering and maintenance. The scope of its expertise and its exceptionally close-knit network, especially in France and Europe, have made the company the world leader in its sector.


  • Building
  • Civil engineering
  • Specialised civil engineering
  • Hydraulic engineering
  • Services
  • Facilities management
  • Engineering
  • Project management

    Sustainable development

    The divisions of VINCI Construction share a Quality, Safety and Environment Department, which oversees an overall sustainable development policy. The policy aims to incorporate environmental protection within construction business activities through a continuous improvement approach.

    To promote the exchange of good practices between the entities and bolster efforts to prevent occupational risks, the approach has been applied in the field of health and safety, with the creation of a company-wide information and improvement network.

    This has led to the submission of many innovative projects in the safety category of the VINCI Innovation Awards.


    Heir to companies that have marked the history of the construction industry and are now the benchmark in their respective fields, VINCI Construction is made up of seven divisions:
  • VINCI Construction France;
  • VINCI Construction Grands Projets, which has all the key competencies required to deliver complex projects;
  • Solétanche Freyssinet, the world leader in specialised civil engineering (superstructure construction, soil reinforcement and improvement, and structure repairs);
  • VINCI Construction Filiales Internationales, which covers the full range of construction business activities in Central Europe, the French overseas territories, Africa and Germany;
  • CFE, the construction market leader in Belgium, which is owned by VINCI Construction and itself has a interest in Dredging International, a leader in the world dredging market;
  • VINCI Construction UK, leading player in the UK construction market;
  • Entrepose Contracting, specialized in the design and implementation of complex industrial projects for the oil, gas and enegy sectors.

    With operations in more than 100 countries, VINCI Construction generates 50% of its net sales outside France.

    Recent contracts


  • Algeria
  • Design and construction of a 150,000 m3 cryogenic tank for storing LNG, two 65,000 m3 cryogenic tanks for storing LPG and a 3,000 m3 spherical gas tank in Skidda
  • Chad
  • "Eufor", development of N'Djamena airport (construction of a taxiway and parking area for wide-bodied aircrafts, development of airport command and logistics platforms) and urban development of N'Djamena and Abeche
  • Morocco
  • Construction of two cement plants "Ben Ahmed" and "Beni Mellal" for Morrocan cement manufacturer CIMAT
  • Nigeria
  • WAGPCo, construction of a compressor plant including engineering research, sourcing, construction and commissioning
  • Republic of South Africa
  • Construction of a multi-product pipeline (544 km + 160 km)


  • Belgium
  • Offices at St Agatha Berchem (BXL%2529, 37,400 m²
  • Silt treatment and storage system in Antwerp
  • Design and construction of Liefkenshoek dual railway infrastructure in Antwerp
  • Germany
  • PPP for construction and maintenance over 25 years of schools with Nuremberg Municipality
  • PPP for construction/refurbishment/maintenance over 25 years of seven schools in Bergneustadt
  • Maintenance contract for US military bases
  • Greece
  • Design and build contract for a 24.71 km new motorway section Maliakos-Kleidi and upgrading works for other existing motorway sections totalling 204.69 km
  • Design, construction and/or repair of 365 km of toll motorway between Athens and Tsakona
  • Luxemburg
  • Administrative center "Vertigo", composed of 2 buildings, "Polaris" (15,900 m²) and "Naos" (8,400 m²)
  • Netherlands
  • LNG tanks in Rotterdam
  • Design and construction of the 2,300 m long "cut and cover" rail tunnel Crommelijn-Delft, public transport junction, underground and car park
  • Design and construction of a new immersed tunnel «2nd Coentunnel» in Amsterdam and renovation/reconstruction of the existing immersed tunnel
  • Poland
  • Design-build contract for the extension of Warsaw wastewater treatment plant at Czajka
  • Construction of S8 trunk road between the interchanges for Konotopa and prymasa Tysiaclecia, near Warsaw
  • Construction in Warsaw of the education centre "Copernicus"
  • Construction of residential buildings "Menolly Park" in Warsaw for Irish developer Menolly
  • Construction of a group of residential buildings «Grzybowska II» in Grzybowska Street in Warsaw for Dom Development S.A.
  • United Kingdom
  • Kings Cross redevelopment in London, restoration of grade 1 listed buildings and provision of new concourse
  • Extension and refurbishment of shopping centre in Blackburn
  • Construction of new sixth form college in Luton (Bedfordshire)
  • Construction of Cynon's Valley new hospital (Wales)
  • Project MoDEL at RAF Northolt, phase 3 of the Ministry of Defence's estate consolidation and redevelopment plan in Greater London
  • Construction of art, design and media building for Middlesex University in Hendon


  • Qatar
  • Design and build of a 4-underground car-parks in Lusail, with a capacity of 551 car each


  • Colombia
  • Construction of a 235 km long pipeline with a diameter of 25 inches for Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp. & Ecopetrol SA
  • Panama
  • Dredging of Panama canal