Spie Batignolles

Switzerland - Special foundations for the new Rolex factory


  • François-Xavier CLEDAT: Chief Executive Officer


    Spie batignolles, which is the 4th largest French construction group, is mainly involved in the industrial, environmental, building and infrastructure markets, with particular specialist areas such as underground works and special foundations.

    Spie batignolles has been one of the main players in construction for 150 years and the company's 50 sites give it a presence in France and 5 European countries. Quality, trust, great technical expertise and the capacity for technological innovation are all strengths which have made its reputation.

    Today the company presents a strategy based on one fundamental principle which is the watchword for every action being taken now and in the future: "creating and sharing value with our customers".


    Spie batignolles is present in the following markets:
  • Industrial
  • Offices
  • Engineering structures and infrastructures
  • Public buildings
  • Underground works
  • Hotels and Tourism
  • Environment
  • Housing
  • Commercial

    with a high level of competence in the following professional areas of expertise:
  • Foundations
  • Concrete treatment
  • Pre-stressing
  • Pre-fabrication
  • Industrial projects
  • Steel construction
  • Environment and sewage lines
  • Real estate
  • Maintenance and servicing work
  • Internal fittings

    Sustainable Development

    Creating and sharing Value

    People are the highest value of all. Respecting them above all involves preserving their physicalintegrity. Only one objective is therefore acceptable in this area: «zero accident». All Spie batignolles' quality and safety procedures are successfully based around this central idea.

    Sustainable creation of value is practically achieved on a daily basis through relationships based on trust with our customers and all those involved in a project. This trust is built on a specific method and tools developed by Spie batignolles. What we offer commercially with the brands Concertance® and Présance® shows the success of this innovative approach.

    These are two illustrations of Spie batignolles' development plan. The whole of the corporate plan is in fact within the framework of a global sustainable development process which is symbolised by the company's fundamental commitment to: «creating and sharing value with our customers».


    Portuguese Branch
    Avenida marechal Craveiro Lopes n°8B 7A Campo Grande
    1700 Lisbonne
    Tel. : 351 21 757 81 01
    Fax : 351 21 757 80 79


    Rue de la gare 15 C
    2074 Marin
    Tel. : 41 32 753 74 74
    Fax : 41 32 753 13 22


    Siemensstrasse 34
    0764 Langenfeld
    Tel. : 49 21 73 85 010
    Fax : 49 21 73 85 0150

    St Michaels House
    The Anderson Centre - Olding Road
    Bury St Edmunds
    United Kingdom
    Tel : 00 44 (0) 870 444 7228
    Fax : 00 44 (0) 870 444 7229

    Félix Boix, n° 7
    28306 Madrid
    Tel. : 34 91 359 00 01
    Fax : 34 91 350 99 82

    Recent contracts


  • Algeria
  • Skikda, LNG, 5,288 piles totalling 260 km of piles on a petrochemical site


  • Jersey
  • Engineering and construction of the new La Collette energy waste facility
  • Switzerland
  • Serrières tunnel, construction of a double tubular road tunnel 2x2 lane-road
  • Mormont tunnel, rail tunnels doubling : construction of two tunnels and oultine of two olders


  • United Arab Emirates
  • Diaphragm wall (1,830m) for the Guggenheim Museum in Abu Dhabi