China - Design and construction of a 4 km long water cooling system to supply Tianjin Soda plant's new factory


  • Dominique BOUILLOT : Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  • Guy DEWONCK : Managing Director


    As Europe's leading hydraulic contractor, SADE is the leader in the design, construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of drinking water distribution networks, wastewater collection systems and all related facilities.
    With over a hundred operations centres throughout France, as well as subsidiaries and branches in more than 20 countries, SADE can respond to clients in the public and private sectors thanks to an integrated Design Office that helps the company develop local and global technical means whatever the project's ambition, the economic constraints and environmental concerns.


  • Drinking water: boreholes and catchments; pressure pipes; hydraulic facilities (warning stations; storage basins; drinking water tanks; pumping stations); house connections; leaks repair; operation and maintenance of water meters
  • Sewage: installation of wastewater collection systems; design-build of sewage facilities (stormwater basins, lifting stations, depollution plants); separation of wastewater and rainwater networks; confining of polluted sites; dismantling of facilities; design-build of wastewater treatment plants; upgrade of hydraulic facilities to bring them into compliance with environment protection regulations in force
  • Telecommunications: FTTH connections; CCTV surveillance systems; mobile and wireline telephony
  • Other networks: gas; electricity; fire-fighting systems

    Sustainable Development

    We carry out our activity while implementing our corporate sustainable development policy, including initiatives such as: on-site reuse of excavated materials, reduction of noise, dust and greenhouse gas emissions (calculation of the carbon footprint of our works, use of biolubricants for machines), minimizing works nuisances caused to residents and obstructions caused to the traffic flow by using no-dig trenchless rehabilitation and laying techniques.
    SADE considers the employees, consumers%25252C passers-by and residents' health and safety preservation as a daily challenge and a major commitment. 2009 statistics on industrial accidents have shown a constant decline in our safety records for the past 7 years.
    Innovation is one of SADE's development mainspring. Several techniques and processes, such as the environmentally-friendly house connections process, have been patented.
    ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001, CEFRI, UTO, MASE, GEHSE and UIC certifications confirm SADE's sense of responsibility.
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  • Benin, Burkina, Ivory Coast, Mauritania, Morocco and Senegal.

  • Australia, China, India and Japan.

  • Armenia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Portugal and Romania.
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    Recent contracts


  • Benin
  • Construction of the drinking water supply system (drillings, water, tower, building rehabilitation) fo Secondary Towns (Lot 2)
  • Ivory Coast
  • Construction of the piers and the foundation blocks for the bridge building of the Presidential Palace in Yamoussoukro
  • Construction of the drinking water distribution network of the city of Korhogo
  • Mauritania
  • Installation of a 1400 mm diameter ductile iron pipe, over 182 km for the drinking water supply of the city of Nouakchott, including the associated civil engineering works
  • Morocco
  • In Marakech on behalf of the Radeema, improvement works for the N sewer including the excavation of 4360 m of galleries (with diameter ranging from 1200 mm to 2200 mm), the construction of 31 access shafts as well as improvement works on the Sewer on Med VI avenue, including 5310 m of T150 galleries and of 67 access shafts. The project includes the geotechnical studies and the signalization
  • Drinking water supply of the cities of Benguerir and Skhour Rhamaa from the El Massina  Dam (lots 3 & 4)


  • Australia
  • Renewal of pipes on the drinking water supply network of Sydney Water (4 million inhabitants). 50% of the pipes were replaced using trenchless techniques: bursting, Swagelining, lining and shot concrete
  • China
  • Raw water supply of Shanghai, including the supply and the installation by pipe jacking technique of two parallel steel pipes, diameter 3600 mm, over 2 km each
  • Installation of the cooling water system of the Tianjin Soda Plant over 4 km, including the hydraulic design for the sizing of the networks and for the drawings, the installation of two-way steel and precast concrete pipes, with diameters ranging from 400 mm to 2000 mm, and the construction of 40 valve houses


  • Armenia
  • Rehabilitation of 6 main irrigation canals over 4200 ml in the areas of Arzni Shamiram, Shirak, Talin, Lower Rhazdan, Artashat and Armavir
  • Belgium
  • Construction of a wastewater evacuation collector of the PISSELET Basin (Brabant Wallon)
  • France
  • Paris tram: following the extension of several tram lines in the Paris area, the works carried out included the diversion of drinking water and wastewater pipeworks as well as telecommunications networks, the laying of new pipes, the street repairing and some civil engineering works
  • SEVESC: maintenance of the drinking water distribution network, replacement of pipes and connections (works carried out in 10 different cities)
  • Beauvais Airport: opening of a primary trench over 23 km along the runway and of a secondary trench over 15 km, located under the runway (to install the electricity supply of the runway lights), laying of 98 km of cable protection sleeves and 27 km of earth cables, installation of 372 drawing pits and building of 463 foundation blocks for traffic lights and roadsigns
  • EPR Flamanville: construction of the final road and other networks of the Reactor, including the construction of 3 km of concrete and HDPE wastewater collection system (diameter 300 to 1400 mm), of 1.2 km of ductile iron sprinkler network (diameter 150 to 250 mm) and the installation of earth networks (4 km of copper cables and aluminothermy welding),
    20 000 m² of roads, 1 km of enclosure and 800 m of rail track
  • Hungary
  • Improvement of the drinking water supply of Eszak-Alföld and improvement of the drinking water distribution networks of the city of the Hajdu-Bihar and Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg
  • Construction of part of the Buda sewer, over 2260 m, using microtunneling machine and traditional concrete pipe jacking
  • Portugal
  • Sewerage works in the region of Aveiro
  • Romania
  • Construction of roads and other networks for the shopping center Era Oradea

    Armenia - Rehabilitation of 6 main irrigation canals (Arzni Shamiram, Shirak, Talin, Lower Rhazdan, Artashat and Armavir areas)

    Ivory Coast - Construction of the piers and foundation blocks for the bridge building of the Presidential Palace in Yamoussoukro

    Australia - Renewal of the drinking water distribution network of Sydney Water, supplying 4 million inhabitants   China - Supply and installation of two parallel steel pipes in Shanghaï using the pipe jacking technique

    Mauritania - Supply and installation of a 1400 mm diameter ductile iron pipe over 182 km to supply drinking water to the city of Nouakchott from the Aftout Essahli river