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  • Jacques TAVERNIER: Chairman and CEO
  • Jean-Louis MARCHAND: Deputy Managing Director
  • Pierre ANJOLRAS: Co-Chief Operating Officer, in charge of International Affairs and the PPP
  • Guy VACHER: Co-Chief Operating Officer, in charge of France, Belgium, Railway Works and Specialized Subsidiaries
  • Dominique COLLOMP: Deputy Managing Director, in charge of Europe
  • Scott WARDROP: Deputy Managing Director, in charge of United Kingdom and India
  • Patrick JUTIER
    : Chief Financial Officer
  • Henri ALBERT
    : Deputy Managing Director, in charge of Technical Resources
  • Claude LASCOLS
    : Human Resources and Prevention Director
  • Michel Ducasse
    : Research, Innovation and Sustainable Development Director


    Eurovia, subsidiary of the VINCI group, is a world leader in roadworks. Eurovia is supported by a network of 330 work divisions and subsidiaries  and over 1000 production sites.
    The Company generates over 90% of its revenue in Europe, mainly in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and central European countries. Eurovia is also well-positioned in the United States and Chile and is pursuing its development in Canada and India. Capitalising on the experience and expertise of its entities, Eurovia has the capacity to take charge of the design, financing, building and operation of transport infrastructures for public and private customers worldwide.
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  • Transport infrastructure and urban development

    Eurovia builds and renovates transport infrastructure, including roads, motorways, railways, and tramways as well as airport, industrial, and commercial platforms. In addition, Eurovia possesses expertise in development-related areas, including demolition and deconstruction, sanitation and drainage, excavation, roads and networks, urban development, engineering structures, and noise-attenuation systems.

  • Quarries

    As a European leader in the quarrying sector, Eurovia extracts, processes, and markets natural and recycled aggregates. The Company operates a network of quarries and recycling facilities (concrete, milled asphalt, household refuse incinerator ash, etc.). These activities contribute to the Company's growth and ensure a continuous supply line for its worksites.

  • Industrial production

    Eurovia manages a network of binder-production plants and asphalt-production units that supplies 25 million tonnes of paving mix a year as well as plants that manufacture road signs and related products (panels, overhead sign support structures, marking paint), products for industrial and commercial flooring (resins), and concrete and pre-cast products (noise-attenuation barriers).

  • Services

    Eurovia is present throughout the value chain, building and enabling the effective operation of road, motorway, and rail networks and urban transport infrastructure. The Company also provides engineering services as well as assistance and consulting services in the areas of design, project coordination, and project management. In addition, it provides maintenance services as part of long-term contract agreements, road signs and equipment (vertical and horizontal signs, safety equipment), and maintenance- related structures (street lighting, traffic lights, various structures, green spaces, and vegetation).

    Sustainable development

    Eurovia's policy is based on innovation and awareness. Going beyond a traditional operational role, Eurovia has developed a new approach to its businesses, integrating greater added value and technology, to answer to the new needs expressed by its customers and by road users. Conservation of the environment and the safety of road infrastructures are, in particular, at the heart of Eurovia's Research & Development programmes. Committed to its employees and to society, Eurovia deploys policies aimed at improving safety and working methods within the framework of prevention plans and quality measures. Its management system is based on respect for people, transparency and solidarity within its teams.
    By following this path, Eurovia is building harmonious and sustainable growth.


  • India: NAPC

  • Belgium: Eurovia Belgium
  • Croatia: Tegra
  • Czech Republic: Eurovia CS
  • Germany: Eurovia GmbH
  • Lithuania: Eurovia Lietuva
  • Luxemburg: ETF - Eurovia Travaux Ferroviaires
  • Poland: Eurovia Polska
  • Romania: Viarom Construct
  • Slovakia: Eurovia SK
  • Spain: Probisa
  • United Kingdom: Ringway 

  • Canada: DJL Construction, BA Blacktop, Carmarcks
  • United States of America: Hubbard, Blythe Construction

  • Chile: Bitumix, Probisa Chile
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    Recent contracts


  • 2-year project to upgrade 300 kilometers of rail lines northeast of Bangkok


  • Czech Republic

  • Construction of Vysocanska Avenue in Prague (5-km)
  • Germany
  • A-Modell A9, refurbishment of the A9 motorway including upgrading a 46.5-km section of the motorway, widening a 19-km segment of the A9, and building 24 overpasses
  • Widening of the A7 motorway to a dual 3-lane configuration over a span nearly 12 km long
  • Construction of the Waldschlösschenbrücke, 636-m bridge in Dresden
  • Redevelopment of the Schwanebeck interchange, which connects highway A10 à Berlin's ring road to highway A11
  • Lithuania
  • Refurbishment of aircraft parking areas at Vilnius International Airport
  • Poland
  • Design-build project to upgrade the 5.5-km-long Krakow Biezanow-Wieliczka Rynek rail line including renovation of the Krakow Lagiewniki rail station
  • Construction of the section A of highway A2 between Lodz and Warsaw (29 km) and a segment on expressway S5 linking Poznan and Gniezno (20 km and 24 engineering structures)
  • Refurbishment of the road leading to the port of Szczecin
  • Spain

  • Maintenance of a 215-km segment of motorway A-4 in Andalusia for a 2-year period
  • Maintenance and winterization services for a 4-year period in the southern region of the province of Lugo in Galicia (821 km of roadways)
  • United Kingdom
  • 5 contracts to provide maintenance services to road infrastructure in the counties of North Yorkshire, Shropshire, Cheshire West and Chester City, Cheshire East, and Essex


  • Canada

  • Construction of a two-lane overpass at 80th Street in Delta, British Columbia
  • Construction of a 1.7-km segment of Route 108-143 as part of a project to extend highway 410
  • United States

  • Works on highway I-485 in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Design and build of a 13-mile (about 21-km) extension to express lanes on I-95 in Miami, Florida


  • Chile
  • Rehabilitation of a 25-km section of the Panamerican highway in the oasis of Quillagua right in the Atacama desert and repaving the 45-km roadway linking Antofagasta to the industrial port of Mejillones