Hungary - M6/M60 Motorway

  • Hervé LE BOUC: Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  • Thierry MONTOUCHE: General Secretary
  • Thierry GENESTAR: Managing Director Roads France
  • Christian de PINS: Managing Director Special Activities and Northern Europe
  • Louis GABANNA: Managing Director North America
  • Bruno TABARIE: Managing Director Indian Ocean, Africa, Caribbean and French Guiana
  • Jacques PASTOR: Deputy Managing Director Asia

  • Daniel DUCROIX: Deputy Managing Director Central Europe


    Backed by workforce of 70,000 men and women working throughout a network of 1,400 profit centers in forty countries on five continents, the Colas Group is a market leader in the construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure. Each year Colas performs more than 100,000 projects worldwide.
    The road sector, which accounts for 80% of revenue, is backed by a wide-scale network of material production and manufacturing businesses.  The Group is also involved in other road-related sectors, making it possible to provide customers with full range of products and services.
    Colas' external growth policy aims to strengthen the Group's foothold outside of France, control its aggregate resources and develop industrial activity. 


  • Roads:
  • Construction and maintenance of road infrastructure (roads, highways, engineering structures, runways, airfield parking zones, platforms for industries, logistics units and ports, city streets, urban development, parking lots, reserved public transport systems such as tramways, recreational areas, sports surfaces, automobile racing circuits, etc.)
  • Industrial production and recycling of construction materials (aggregates, emulsions, binders, asphalt mixes) via a network that includes 685 quarries, 160 emulsion plants, 600 asphalt plants.

  • Other activities: signaling, traffic management; civil engineering; pipes, pipelines; waterproofing; building; railways (trains, tramways); services and concessions.

    Sustainable Development

  • Colas' responsible development policy revolves around three strategic targets:
  • Renewing and developing our human resources based on diversity (in 2009, 5,800 new employees hired, 4% of payroll invested in training, action in favor of improving the male/female workplace balance, individuals with difficulties, senior citizens, disabled persons)
  • Societal acceptation of our industrial sites (57% of material production revenue is certified and 32% have instigated a structure to encourage dialogue with neighboring residents in 2009)
  • Ethics (Ethics Code)

    as well as five other targets:
  • safety (in 2009, 27% of workforce trained in workplace first aid)
  • supporting good corporate citizenship in less-developed countries
  • saving energy and reducing greenhouse gases (warm mixes, photovoltaic roofing)
  • recycling (9% Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement or RAP in 2009)
  • controlling chemical risks.
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    Colas is now a key player in North America's road construction and maintenance market, with 12 subsidiaries (8 in the USA and 4 in Canada) that operate in 24 US States (East, Midwest, California and Alaska), 4 provinces and 2 territories in Canada, backed by a major industrial network. 

    The Colas Group is present in Belgium, Denmark, Great Britain, Ireland, Iceland, and Switzerland.  

    The Group operates in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia and Poland. 

    The Group does business in Morocco, Africa (Benin, Togo, Gabon), southern Africa (industrial activity only) and the Indian Ocean zone (Mauritius, Madagascar, Comoros, Djibouti: road construction, building, sewerage and drainage projects).

    Colas operates in the fields of production, distribution and sales of bituminous products in nine countries (Thailand, China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, Malaysia, Australia).
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    Recent contracts


  • Benin
  • Djougou-N'Dali Road
  • Morocco
  • Rabat-Salé Tramway
  • Renault industrial site in Tangiers


  • France
  • Highway A 41 North (concession)
  • Tramway in Reims (PPP)
  • Tramway in Angers
  • Tamarind Road in Reunion Island
  • Oyapock Road in French Guiana
  • Hungary
  • M6-M60 Motorways (PPP)
  • M31 Motorway
  • Csepel water treatment plant in Budapest
  • Romania
  • Suceava bypass
  • United Kingdom
  • 4 MAC contracts (Areas 14, 10, 7 and 12) - Managing Agent Contractor contracts for maintenance and management of road networks
  • 2 MAC contracts to renew railways


  • Madagascar
  • Major mining project in Sherritt
  • Mayotte
  • Port of Longoni


  • Canada
  • Highway 85 Trans-Canada (Quebec)
  • United States of America
  • Port of Anchorage (Alaska)

  • Egypt
  • Cairo Metro (line 3)

    Madagascar - Major mining project in Sherritt  United Kingdom - Management and maintenance of road networks
    Canada - Highway 85 Trans-Canada in Quebec  Morocco - Renault industrial site in Tangiers